Friday, October 27, 2006

Voting on Guam - Why I'm not registered


In a few days we'll have another election here on Guam (as in the states). Every time there is an election I am usually asked several times "Did you vote?". I always say no and then normally have to explain myself. So by writing this I'll just say no and send inquirers to my blog.

I don't begrudge anyone for asking me. It's a normal question, but my answer isn't normal, so here it is.

First of all I never vote for people. I vote for issues and for whichever people who will best represent those issues. Actually there is only ONE issue that I care about so I'm one of those dreaded "one-issue voters".

I only care about the issue of Abortion simply because the issue of protecting the most innocent of life is so fundamental that not only do other issues pale in comparison, in my opinion there are no other issues. If we can't protect the most innocent of life and allow living children to be torn limb from limb then nothing else we do to better society will matter.

The devil is already in the room and everything and everyone is already mortally infected. Any attempt to "better" society without first carving out the putrid and gangrenous evil of abortion is like putting a band-aid on a person with cancer.

So what does that have to do with why I'm not registered to vote in Guam?

I live in Guam but am registered to vote in California. In order to vote in Guam I would have to register locally and give up my status as a registered California voter. So why don't I do that?

Because of Guam's territorial status (not one of the 50 states) a registered Guam voter cannot vote in the Presidential election. By maintaining my California registered voter status I can vote in the Presidential election.

And why do I want to do that? Since I live in Guam shouldn't I be more concerned with local issues?

The only way to outlaw abortion in the United States is through the same process that it became lawful to begin with. The Supreme Court will have to overturn Roe v Wade and outlaw abortion in America. The only way for that to happen is for pro-life judges to gain the bench. The only way for that to happen is to first have a pro-life president.

So, let me repeat. I only care about abortion. The only way to stop abortion is with a pro-life judiciary. The only way to get a pro-life judiciary is to first have a pro-life president (a pro-life congress would help too).

By keeping my ability to vote in the presidential election I am keeping alive one more vote that may someday mean keeping alive one more child who would otherwise be dismembered and sucked down a vacuum hose.

Yes, I know we have to change minds and hearts too and that outlawing abortion won't mean that abortion will stop. But we didn't wait to change minds and hearts before we outlawed theft and murder (of humans after they're born).

Currently our country legally sanctions the mutilation of millions in the name of sexual gratification. That's what this is really all about anyway. It's about having sex without consequences. It's not about reproductive rights and a woman's right to choose. It's about getting your sexual kicks whenever and with whomever you want: Sex without consequences! But a baby is a consequence. So we kill it.

I'll repeat: Satan is already in the friggin room folks. So go ahead and talk about your better education and your economic plans. Satan loves watching us fiddle with our “issues” while he burns Rome from the inside out.

Now there is one thing that would make me register to vote here on Guam. Last year the state of South Dakota passed a law that banned abortion for any reason except to save the life of the mother, not the "health" of the mother, just the life. Catholicism goes further and would not kill the baby even if the mother's life was in danger (it get's complicated here, but that's the jist of it and something I've personally had to face).

The law is currently tied up in the courts, but the point is that the people of South Dakota and their political leaders DID SOMETHING to outlaw abortion. Why couldn't we do the same thing on Guam? With a mostly Catholic legislature and judiciary we should be able to pass the law and enact it pronto!

But abortion never comes up in the local elections of this mostly Catholic island. It's a major hot topic in every stateside election, but not here. We're content, at least politically and legislatively to let the babies be destroyed.

And in my opinion so long as we lift not a finger to outlaw this mass murder in our midst we can expect family violence to get worse (and it's already bad), for school violence to get worse (and it's already bad), for drug abuse, teen pregnancy, alcoholism, and the whole stream of demons to continue their parade into Guam and into the souls of the people who live here. The fabric of our society here will continue to deteriorate with every mutilated baby no matter who's in office.

How interesting that the majority of the political “waves” take place at the “ITC intersection” in the very shadow of the infamous “Women’s Clinic” Satan smiles from its windows.

By the way, there will be those who will claim that they are active in the "pro-life" arena and they do this and they do that. And yes they do, and they should keep doing it. I'm not talking about protesting abortion. I'm talking about legally stopping it. And there's NOTHING being done in that arena.

I would register to vote here if there was at least one candidate who was willing to try to put a law in place like the one in South Dakota. There's no reason it can't be done. It already has been done. I would put my time, money, energy, effort, and life into supporting a candidate who tried to save the babies.

Oh, and I’m NOT talking about candidates who say they’re pro-life. I’m talking about candidates who say they’re pro-life and stand up and say “If I’m elected I will immediately submit a bill to pass a law to ban abortion on this island for any reason!” Let them go ahead and add the exemption for the life of the mother. I’ll settle for that for now. (It’s so rare anyway.)

I've shared this with many. Everyone thinks it’s a great idea…but obviously not a good enough idea to do something for nothing has. We’re all busy with our COLA's and our fiddles I guess.

Okay, perhaps I just talked myself into running for office. Well, if no one else will do this, then I will. Guess I'll be needing to register so I can vote for myself.
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