Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Letter to EWTN

Dear Friends,

I watch your program often (Life on the Rock). The other day you were discussing Pelosi's obviously uninformed statement on abortion. Your program is probably not the program to get into this, but I believe EWTN needs to address the reason behind the reason why so many Catholic politicians...and Catholics in general believe they can have an independent opinion on abortion.

The problem is so pervasive that our Church must stop addressing the smoke and start dealing with the fire.

I believe Pelosi's own statement gives us a clue. She mentioned that while other politicians had been denied communion for the public pro-abortion positions, her bishop had not denied her communion.

It's easy to see how one might get the idea that the moral teaching is up for grabs when the application of the penalty appears to be..

The real culprit in the constant problem we have with Catholic pro-abortion politicians is the Church leadership in America.

When Mother Angelica was around she didn't hesitate to go after this. I've noticed that, now that she is not around, EWTN doesn't seem to have anyone with the guts to go arter this as she did.

She suffered for it, too. But that's what made EWTN. I don't see a future for EWTN unless you find someone who has the guts to do what she did. The problem is not the people. The problem is the Church leaders who continue to disobey. Mother Angelica knew that, said that, and paid the price for saying that. Will anyone follow her?

Tim Rohr
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