Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Obama Is Not a Black American

Obama's radical aborticide agenda has puzzled me. How could a Black American so radically oppose the basic right to life when the same Supreme Court argument - that the unborn are not legal persons - was used to justify slavery in the Dred Scott decision.

The very fact that a Black Man could even run for president is a direct result of our nation finally seeing the fallacy of that decision and eventually granting Black People full personhood.

The struggle against aborticide mirrors the struggle of Black People against slavery in almost every way. So how could someone who benefited so directly from the correction of the gross injustice that justified slavery turn so violently against another segment of our society and deny them the very rights that his ancestors were denied and fought against??

And then it hit me. The word is "ancestors". Barack Obama is not a descendant of slaves. Barack Obama is not a "Black American" in the sense of the historic struggle in this country. He is of partial African descent but other than that he shares no history with the Black Americans of this country.

Black Americans everywhere are celebrating his election and seeing his election as a statement, even a final victory, on the long road from slavery. But the victory is as symbolic and as hollow as Obama himself.

Trace Obama's history and you will be hard pressed to find any truly influential Black American leaders. The one exception could be "Rev." Wright, but Obama claims to have never even heard any of Wright's "black power" sermons, essentially eschewing any influence by Wright and the Black Ameican struggle, however skewed Wright's racism may be.

Black Americans, wake up. This man is a partner with the white supremacist establishment that was founded to elimnate Black People form the earth. It's called Planned Parenthood, and Obama is the greatest advocate they've ever had.

Obama is an imposter. That's already known on many levels. His birth certificate is in question. His health records are incomplete. There are no appointment calendars or records of his time as a state senator. There is no record of his billable hours as a supposed attorney. He refuses to release his college transcripts. His supposed dissertation at Columbia U. has mysteriously disappeared. He refuses to release his application to the Illinois state bar which could clear up allegations that his application was inaccurate. He has never released his records from his time at Harvard. He has all of 143 days work experience as a U.S. Senator, a number that wouldn't even get you a management position at McDonalds. He has written two memoirs but no significant legislation. The list goes on.

But the most glaring thing that's missing is Obama's Black pedigree. It's not there. Save for the fact that he is a darker shade than other presidents there is nothing that is "Black American" about him. This should be an insult to the memory of Martin Luther King and the many Black Americans who suffered the many long decades to help Blacks become truly free in America.

But now we've elected a man who said that the first thing he will do as president would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act into law, a law that would allow Planned Parenthood to renew their black genocide without restraint.

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