Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who to Vote For?

On March 20, Guam will hold a special election for a vacant seat in the 30th Guam Legislature. There are 6 candidates in the running. Who will you vote for?

I can't tell you who to vote for but I will tell you who I will vote for: the candidate(s) who answer yes to the following 3 questions.

1. Will you support anti-abortion legislation that has been passed into law in the states and has been upheld by the courts?

2. Will you oppose the legalization of same-sex unions regardless of what they are called.

3. Will you sign a statement stating as such?

The answer to all three MUST BE an unequivocal YES. As a matter of fact, if there's even a waver on Question 1. The conversation is over. No need to even ask Number 2.

A PDF copy of the statement can be found at See the note on the Home Page for the link.

For those who attended the recent talks sponsored by the Archdiocese at four parishes regarding Bill 185, you will recall that my personal talk began with a list of several serious moral problems that face Guam:

1. The easiest place in the United States to get an abortion.
2. One of the highest abortion rates per capita.
3. The fastest and easiest place in the United States to get a divorce.
4. More divorces on Guam than marriages since 2004.
5. An out of wedlock birthrate that is almost 3 times higher than any other state.
6. Three times the average number of people in prison than the rest of the United States with the number one crime being Domestic Violence (crimes against the family), and the number two crime related to sexual misconduct.
7. An overwhelming number of porno shops, strip bars, and "massage parlors",etc.
(I have documented these numbers in previous posts)

And all on an island that has a Catholic per capita population many times higher than any state!!

The question I posed is "How did we get here?" "How in one generation did we get here?" How did we (though I'm not from here) squander the Faith of our ancestors in one generation and make Guam into what the above stats show?

I answered those questions with one answer: "We haven't been watching who we're electing". We elect people we like, people who pay attention to us, people who do us favors, people we are related to." But for the most part we completely ignore the moral principles to which we ultimately all will be held to account.

True, there is more to the moral demise of Guam than just electing the wrong people, but it's at least one thing, one very important thing, that we can begin to do something about.

Some will ignore the moral issues stated above. For them, there are more important issues, education, public safety, etc. For most, it will not be about issues at all, but about supporting their friend or supporting their party.

In the Old Testament, God punished the disobedient Israelites by giving them the leaders they deserved. Maybe we should ponder this a bit before we run off to the polls.

Again, I am not and cannot tell you who to vote for. As for this election, I do not know any of the candidates personally and I have not been approached by any for their support. But if I am, I will have my questions, and my written statement ready.

I will post the names of all the candidates who sign the statement. If you have the signatures of any candidates, let me know and I'll add their name to the list that we will make publicly available.

By the way, the same goes for the current run for Governor. We will be posting those too.

It's time to stop the silent slaughter of the innocent in downtown Tamuning. We need leaders who are not afraid. It's up to you.

Tim Rohr
The Esperansa Project

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