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On May 12, 2010, a human fetus was found in a Guam sewage treatment plant.

In any war, knowing the enemy's strategy is the key to victory. In the Abortion War, the pro-abortion stratagem is: "Where abortion is hidden, abortion is tolerated." Thus, supporters of abortion do all they can to keep it hidden, and enemies of abortion do all they can to expose it, which we normally do through signs, pamphlets, talks, websites, and various other media.

The typical counter-offensive of the Pro-Aborts is to impugn our efforts at education as propaganda, moral extremism, and the like.  Whether the "sewer baby" was the result of a miscarriage, an abortion, or a murder, the fact that it is (or was) "news" offers us a unique opportunity to circumvent the Pro-Aborts' efforts to shut us up. So far, news stories about the "Sewer Baby" have aided the Pro-Life cause by educating the public on the humanity of the unborn in the following ways

First, there is the fact that a plant worker "recognized" the fetus. In order for that to happen the "thing" had to look like a human child, and " had to be large enough to be recognized. The first Pro-Abort lie is that the "thing" in the mother's womb is not a child, but a "tissue mass", "a clump of cells". Obviously a "tissue mass" is not what the plant worker saw.

Second, the Medical Examiner has given us the following: the fetus was a girl, is 7 and 1/2 inches long, was missing body parts (obviously arms and legs), and most importantly, he called "it" a "baby", all of which point to a very recognizable infant human being.

Third, the Medical Examiner's inquiry into whether the child was alive or not before she was disposed of is a medical affirmation that this was a "life". The Pro-Aborts want to define "life", and thus the protections accorded to it, at the moment of birth. Science has proven beyond doubt that "life" begins at conception, not at "viability", and certainly not at birth. The Examiner's inquiry verifies what science has already proven, pro-lifers have trumpeted, and Pro-Aborts have tried to hide: the fetus is a living human being.

Fourth, the police inquiry and the public "fuss" over the matter exposes the humanity of the little girl at least infers a possible "right to life" and creates an ethical conundrum given that hundreds of similar children are killed and unceremoniously disposed of each year on Guam at the abortion clinics in Tamuning. There is no inquiry by the Medical Examiner, no media reporting, no police investigation, and no public fuss. On Guam, even children who survive abortions can be killed or left to die with no legal repercussions.

This leads us to a fifth opportunity: to press for the passage of already existing legislation. Bill 309, the "Child's Right to Live Act" (introduced by Calvo, Tenorio, and Taitague on 1/6/10) would require that any child who survived abortion must be given the same "medically appropriate and reasonable life-saving and life-sustaining medical care" that would normally be given to other newborns, regardless of the intentions of the mother and the abortionist. Bill 309 received an overwhelmingly positive public hearing on 2/11/10, but Senator Aguon's committee has yet to vote on it. At least 30 states have enacted similar legislation.

One might wonder what the presence of a "Born Alive" law would do to prevent future "sewer babies". Probably very little. But law shapes the culture. And the more that can be done to emphasize the humanity of the child in the womb, the greater the possibility that people will think twice before aborting their children, which, as we now know, has two victims: the child and the mother. More and more research is showing that abortion can cause physical, emotional, and psychological damage to the mother who often made an uninformed choice. This is the point of Bill 54, another bill that lies in waiting.

Bill 54, "The Woman's Reproductive Health Information Act" (introduced by Senators Calvo, Barnes, and Blas on 2/2/09) would require that, among other things, a mother be made aware of the gestational data regarding the child in her womb before she proceeds with an abortion. Most states have similar legislation which has its genesis in a growing number of women speaking out about the harm done them as the result of an abortion.

Bill 54 also received an overwhelmingly positive public hearing (3/27/09). It was even voted out of committee on 3/30/09 with a "recommendation to do pass". After 9 months of inaction, Esperansa contacted Senator Aguon's office for a status update and was told that the bill had been "re-referred back to the Committee...due to constitutional questions raised on specific provisions." Further inquiries as to the nature of those questions and provisions as well as any news on the possible progress of the bill went unanswered.

So how can we take advantage of these opportunities?

1. Keep it in the news for as long as possible. As you may have seen, the "shock" over the "sewer baby" wore off in about 24 hours. The story has disappeared. Call up any of the talk shows and ask if any more has been heard about it. Write a letter to the editor of either paper and inquire or share your thoughts.

2. For those who are religious educators and of course, even parents, use the story for discussion. Information and pictures of a 13 week-old fetus are readily available online.

3. Call, fax, write Senator Aguon's office and urge him to move on the existing legislation. Use the public media to also to do the same. Make it a public issue.

4. An election is coming up. Hold candidates responsible for supporting pro-life legislation. We can start now. They're already asking for our votes. Let's ask them for theirs.

Fetus at 13-14 weeks. The  fetus is now 3 to 4 inches long and weighs just over an ounce. The baby's unique fingerprints are already in place. The muscles lengthen and become organized. Vigorous fetal activity is observed: the child can kick, turn feet, curl and fan toes, make a fist, move thumbs, bend wrists, turn head, open mouth, press lips tightly together, jump and wave arms.

A fetus at 13 weeks is part of an exhibit in Dallas that shows fetal development.


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