Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guardian Angels? You never know....

Yesterday was my 55th birthday. I was kind of thinking that things were going a little too well. Had a real estate closing, a new listing, a positive business presentation, a promising "showing", several phone calls that could lead to good business. My kids called me up and sang happy birthday on the phone. 

There was a party at home for my son Michael and me (we share the same birthday). I had planned to hurry home after my last appointment. I got in the car and headed home and immediately my car stalled and wouldn't start. I was out of gas. I've never run out of gas in my whole driving life. And it was late and dark and I was stuck on one of the steepest roads on Guam and all the gas stations were at the top of the hill. 

I was puzzled as to why I was out of gas. The needle had just hit the E and normally I can get another day out of the tank. I called my son and he was able to bring me some gas, but still couldn't get it started. After several tries, and thinking it was something else that was wrong, we rolled the car down the hill to a level spot so the gas could level out in the tank. And, thank goodness, the car started.

I went to the first gas station, filled it up and headed home. As I headed down the road in East Agana I saw the sky lit up with blue flashing lights. The roads were wet and apparently there was major accident because of the number of police cars, but also the number of ambulances I saw heading towards the accident.

One never knows, but judging from the line of cars I approximated the time of the accident about the time I would have been passing through that very spot had I not "mysteriously" run out of gas. The thought that Guardian Angels might have had something to do with it didn't occur to me until, after a a few expletives (I was in a hurry to get home), I had turned the car around and headed back towards the passage through the airport and Tiyan. 

Arriving on the other side at Rt. 8, I saw even more ambulances heading towards the accident. Don't know what happened there yet. All I know is that I made it home late, but safe, and piece of birthday cake with a single candle, and all my kids were still waiting. One just never knows.

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday greetings. Facebook has certainly opened up the doors for some great relationships and I am thankful for all of them. God Bless you, and pay attention to your Guardian Angel. You just never know....

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  1. i also have a guardian angel there actually 2 there names are timmy and timothy i actually heard there voice when i was asking there names they said to me a letter that if i dont start being a good boy i would go to hell so i actually changed my bad character then they replied to me on a paper again saying all that i ask shall be granted if you are good to your mom and the others and alot more my guardian angels are really kind there actually like timmy is like 12 years old and timothy is like 13 years old i think and im 12 years old to i love my guardian angels so much :)


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