Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Printed in the U Matuna, the newspaper for the Archdiocese of Agana, Guam, August 5, 2012

The mass murder in Colorado two weeks ago was not a Tragedy, as most in the media are calling it. It was an Atrocity. The destruction wrought by the Japanese tsunami is a Tragedy. The blowing away of twelve innocent people is an Atrocity, and we need to call it that.

I could write a whole column about such abuse of language, but not this week. However, the point is not unrelated. In a nation that has constitutionally institutionalized the mechanized destruction of 4000 unborn children daily and calls it “healthcare”, what have we to say about a guy who straps on a comic book outfit and wipes out 12 more?

As Mother Teresa said: “If abortion isn’t wrong, nothing is.” Let me say that again: “If abortion isn’t wrong...nothing is.” The only difference between what happened in that theater and what happened in a clinic down the street, was the volume of the screams.

What don’t we get? The Aurora slaughter and the butchering of the unborn are of the same evil root. If we can accept the killing of the most innocent and defenseless among us and call it a “right”, why are we surprised when the same murderous mentality extends beyond the womb?

On the road to Calvary, the brutalized Jesus addresses the Daughters of Jerusalem with this question: “...for if these things are done when the wood is green what will happen when it is dry?” Meaning: “If they will do this to me, the very essence of good and innocence, think what they will do to you.”

Jesus’ words would come to pass forty years later with the destruction of Jerusalem in which over one million Jews were crucified and butchered; and of the wailing and suffering the historian Josephus says “nothing more deafening and frightening could be imagined.”

On January 22, 2013, it will be exactly “forty years later”...forty years since Roe v. Wade. Forty years of a national abortion holocaust that has left a mountain of carnage, 53 million dead babies high. The chambers and ovens of Dachau and Auschwitz have nothing on us.

Two days earlier, on January 20, we will have inaugurated a president. It will be one of two men. Either, one, who, despite a checkered past on the issue, is now firmly in the pro-life camp, or another, whose record leaves no question, and who, in his own words, believes the ability for a mother to kill her child is necessary to insure “that our daughters have [the opportunity] to fulfill their dreams.”

When the victorious Titus returned to Rome after the destruction of Jerusalem, it is said that he refused to accept the traditional “wreath of victory”, saying that he was only an instrument of God’s wrath.

With 53 million of the most innocent of our fellow humans dead and their blood crying to heaven for vengeance, “God’s wrath” is a given. I don’t foresee any Romans outside the walls, but there is no need. Our destruction is already within the walls. In fact, it is already upon us.

Beginning in 2013, and exactly 40 years after Roe v. Wade, and unless something is done to stop it, the federal government will commence the termination of the burdensome - as per Section 6301(c) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

The section is ambiguously titled LIMITATIONS ON CERTAIN USES OF COMPARATIVE EFFECTIVENESS RESEARCH and the rest of the section is just as ambiguous. But the key words are these: “the difference in the effectiveness of alternative treatments in extending an individual’s life due to the individual’s age, disability, or terminal illness.”

In other words, there is no need for “death panels”. This section gives one single unelected bureaucrat, the Secretary of Health & Human Services, the authority to ultimately determine whether or not you are worth saving.  

Of course, this is the exact opposite of what the President said in June of 2009 when he said “I don’t want bureaucracies making those [end of life ] decisions.” Surprise!

And this is just one of 1,968 new powers bequeathed to the “Secretary” under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act! “Patient Protection!” Did you catch that?

Oh, so you thought that this was just about coverage for pre-existing conditions and getting even with those “evil” insurance companies? Well, how else did you think Obamacare was going to be “affordable”?

In John 21, Jesus warns: “..when you are old, you shall reach out your hands, and others... shall lead you to where you do not want.”

Forty years ago we constitutionally authorized the killing of our young. Forty years later, the young are now authorized to kill us. And no guns needed. By the way, the President and the Secretary are exempt from Section 6301(c).
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