Thursday, May 02, 2013


"Confessional not a dry cleaner," says pope - National Catholic Register

The problem is not that we do not want to avail ourselves of this sacrament. The problem is that many priests are so out of practice from having not heard confessions for so many years - or were never properly trained that they simply do not understand the difference between hearing confession and counseling or spiritual direction.

For any priest who is reading this, may I humbly suggest that if you feel counseling is needed, to please invite the person - if he or she feels the need - to come and speak with you at another time, but otherwise stick to hearing the confession - unless of course the confessee prefers to talk....but even then, confession may not be the best time for that especially if others are waiting.

Also, may I request that you please do your best to respect the anonymity of the confessee if he or she has chosen to confess anonymously. Sometimes the questions are an infringement on the right to anonymity. I once had a priest who began asking me questions about the size of my family. I answered, and he said "ah-hah"...and then proceeded to take liberties to speak to me personally. I felt violated. I was behind the screen for a reason.
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