Thursday, July 04, 2013


A comment on GOOD INTENTIONS ON BILLS NOT ENOUGH, Lee Webber, Pacific Daily News, July 4, 2013.

We are in the midst of this mess because gambling opponents have never clearly distinguished between the forms of gambling they condemn and the gambling they are willing to admit and why. Opponents have generalized the evils of the addiction. If what they say is true, it is the addictive power of gambling that is the issue and not the form of gambling. Thus, based on their own arguments, all forms of gaming would have to be considered equally dangerous and equally banned. But they contradict the central tenet of their argument by only showing up when gambling machines are the issue, compromising the integrity of their cause. The fact is that the opponents of gambling are NOT opposed to certain forms of gambling, at least not equally. They need to state this and state their reasons why. 

I would also recommend a new name for Keep Guam Good (a local anti-gambling organization). They seem to have nothing to say about:
  •  1) why Guam has the most liberal abortion laws in the nation with 2/3 of aborted children being Chamorro
  • 2) why Guam has the highest divorce rate in the world, 
  • 3) why Guam has the highest suicide rate in the nation, 
  • 4) why Guam has the highest out of wedlock pregnancy rate in the nation, 
  • 5) why Guam is fourth in the nation for STD's, 
  • 6) why Guam has double the rate of child abuse for the rest of the nation. 

And there's more. For documentation on any of this, message me. We seem to have descended into the moral pit quite without the help of these machines. Maybe there's something else wrong.
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