Tuesday, November 09, 2021


Most who know Earl Nightingale point to his award winning talk "The Greatest Secret." It is indeed one of the greatest talks ever. 

However, the following is my favorite story of his:


A man had two sons.

The man was a terrible, abusive, alcoholic, and beat both sons equally in alcohol-fuled fits of rage. 

One son grew up to be a terrible abusive alcoholic.

The other grew up to be the opposite (i.e. never touched a drop).

Given that both were sons of the same abusive, alcoholic, father; and given that both turned out quite different, an enterprising sociologist once asked both sons the same question: 

"How did you become the person that you are?"

Both sons had the same answer:

"What would you expect with a father like mine." 

It's probably a parable and not a true story. But it's a story that has been played out millions of times. 

We decide our destiny. NOT our parents...or our circumstances.

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