Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why I Blog

I suppose that to the casual reader of any of my posts it may appear that I am capricious and reactionary. Because of this notion certain opponents to my views consider me "dangerous", that I am "imposing" my views on people.

May I say that I am flattered, first, that anyone even bothers to read my posts, and second, that my posts are written so well as to be actually influential, and so influential as to be able to subvert the free will and free thinking of others.

However, I have no such view of myself. My posts are, first, not an attempt to publish my thoughts, but simply a convenient place to store stuff online so that I can access things I am writing and develop them as I have time. I do it online so that I don't have to always be at the same computer. Very convenient.

Second, I allow them to be public also as a matter of convenience. I am to some degree a public person insofar as I own and operate a Catholic bookstore and am often asked questions or sometimes challenged. I find it particularly useful to refer folks to something I have already written on whatever topic may be at hand. This is a convenience also to the questioner as I usually quote references in my opinions that may be of further use to the inquirer.

Third, I also find it useful to have some sort of public statement already on hand when it comes to controversial issues. As you may know, folks will often use a public name for credibility when it comes to a need to advance a cause. Because my name is public (albeit in a very minor way) I find it helpful to protect myself and my family to already have something in writing with a time and date stamp that documents my particular positions so that I can protect my name and words when they are taken out of context or used without permission.

But as to my "capricious and reactionary" labels, I have to laugh. Anything I have posted is usually a result of years of thrashing about with the topic...and years of keeping my mouth shut about it.

In any event, any posts of mine be they on my blog, email, website, whatever, are just that, my posts. Just my thoughts. I make it perfectly clear that I have no letters before or after my name and am always clear that I do not speak for the Church in any capacity. That's what blogs and stuff are for. Just a place to share personal insights, opinions, and so forth. I encourage you to do the same. But don't screw with other people's blogs, start your own.
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