Saturday, May 03, 2008

Wake up, Guam!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and insert myself simultaneously into the two "no-no's" of polite conversation: Religion and Politics.

When it comes to politics I am neither Republican or Democrat. I am a Catholic. By that I do NOT mean that I vote for the Catholic candidate...if there is one. What I mean is that I vote for the person who best represents the moral positions of the Catholic Church.

I do this not because I'm pro-life or anti-choice or any other label, but simply because I know that I WILL have to one day stand before THE JUDGE and answer for my every action. In short, I don't want to go to Hell.

Both Obama and Clinton have consistently shown that they have and will oppose Catholic Teaching on the evil of abortion. Of the two, Obama gets an even lower score for his incredible refusal to support the "Born Alive Bill", a bill that would have mandated care for babies who survived an abortion. (It happens.)

Not even some of the most virulent pro-abortion groups opposed the bill, but Obama did.

I don't have time to document all this. You can see a copy of my previous email on the subject at: or you can just google the info yourself. You will see that in fact:

"Obama is the most pro-abortion candidate ever"!

I'm staggered, appalled, bewildered, etc. over the "Guam gone ga-ga" over Obama simply because he is talking about throwing Guam a bone. While you may not think war reparations is a "bone", that's the way politocs like Obama see it: bones for votes. They do it all the time.

What a sad commentary on our island when we are willing to throw (sometimes still alive) babies in the trash in return for a phone call from a presidential pretender who knows how to pronounce the word "Chamorro" and claims to know our needs because he spent his boyhood in Hawaii. Just amazing!

I believe God has spared our island from disaster after disaster as a sign of his merciful appreciation for the steadfast centuries of Faith on Guam. I also believe that the ancestral Faith of Guam is fast disappearing, and in time, so will the unique protection of heaven that we have enjoyed.

While religious leaders cannot officially back a particular candidate they can:

1. Officialy present and represent and represent the Church's official teaching on such matters AND (most importantly) present to their flocks the consequences of supporting evil;


2. Personally share their opinions on the candidate that best represents Catholic moral teaching, so long as it is not in an official capacity or from the pulpit.

Let us encourage our religious leaders to do just that!

It amazes me the resources we mobilize to combat gaming and yet we say nothing about the rallying of support for those who openly support the killing of our babies.

Christ could forgive the Roman soldiers who crucified him because in fact they, as pagans, knew not what they did. But the Sanhedrin was another story. They did know. And so do we.

Perhaps a reminder of what happened to Jerusalem in 70 A.D. would be case you're wondering whatever happened to the Sanhedrin.
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