Friday, November 07, 2008

Why God Doesn't Answer Our Prayers

As the possible election of a president who had vowed to remove all limits on killing children, both born and unborn, approached, there was a flurry of internet activity among Christians encouraging prayer and fasting.

The sheer volume of email was evidence that Christians were definitely aware of what such a presidency would mean to millions of more babies. For not only will there be the aggresive pro-death policies of the next 4 years, but a pro-death judiciary for decades to come.

However, God, did not answer these prayers and we now face the Culture of Death in all three branches of government.

What happened. Was God sleeping? Why didn't he hear us?

I pondered this question at Mass on election day and had a private revelation that I will share.

There are somethings that God cannot do. I will qualify that statement. Of course there is theoretically nothing that God cannot do since He is omnipotent, but there are somethings that God cannot do by His own design.

God "cannot" make any new human beings without the coorperation of a man and a woman. For God has given the power of creating new life wholly over to us. His unlimited desire for souls is completely at the mercy of our willingness to create new people for Him to love and populate Heaven.

In the same way God's infinite mercy and grace is contingent on the righteousness of souls who invoke His mercy and grace.

James 5:16 tells us that the "prayer of a righteous man availeth much". This short phrase tells us that the "much" that can be "availeth" is dependent on the righteousness of the man who is aksing.

Again, we see that in the mysterious designs of God, He has willed that his infinite well of mercy, grace, and love that He wishes to pour out upon the world is limited by the righteousness of those who pray.

The silence of God in this election is a referendum on either the amount of praying we do or on our state of righteousness.

Given that in this election the level of exhortations to pray was without precedent, I think we need to take a look at our "righteousness" as the culprit.

I don't think its an exaggeration to say that 95% of praying Christians are using some form of birth control. Take a quick survey of your immediate circle of family and friends and you will easily come up with a similar number.

No you don't have to ask them. Just look at the number of children that a yet fertile couple has. It's highly doubtful that they're all using NFP (Natural Family Planning - Ovulation Method). And even if they are, NFP is to be used ONLY for grave reason, otherwise it is simply birth control. And grave reason for most normal healthy couples is rare, yet small families are common.

At the root of abortion is the contraceptive mentality simply because contraception is anti-life at its core. Aborticide is simply the logical result of the moral order of contraception.

Contraception is evil simply because you are saying NO to God and YES to you. Contraception makes you God. Now it's YOU who gets to decide who lives and who doesn't.

For those Christians who think that this is just a Catholic thing, let me put it in language you can understand.

The common claim of a Born Again Christian is that he or she has "given my life to Jesus". That's a lie if you are using contraception. You have not given your WHOLE life to Jesus. You are keeping your reproductive power to yourself and under your control.

By nature (God's design), sexual intercourse between a male and a female is designed to make another male or female. You don't have to believe in God to know that.

In order for that not to happen you have to intervene mechanically, surgically, or chemically. You have to interrupt nature which in Christian parlance is simply denying God both His right to your body and His creative design.

The bottom line is that we are praying with diseased souls. We are no match for Satan and his minions in the battle against the Culture of Death, because mechanically, surgically, or chemically, we are already a part of it.

Thus we got the president we deserved because our prayers are as fruitless as are wombs.
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