the VIEW FROM THE PEW a weekly column for the Umatuna, the newspaper for the Archiocese of Agana, Guam

03/24/13: Francis the War Monger
03/17/13: The Strange Trial of the Good Looking Pope
03/10/13: The Real "Violence Against Women"
03/03/13: The Lost Synod
02/24/13: Wrong Answer!
02/17/13: Hacked off at the knees
02/10/13: Catholic school: an alternative memory
02/03/13: Of Polls and Pews: The Dangers of "Together for Life"
01/27/13: Craigslist Children
01/20/13: Questions Worth Pondering on the Eve of the 40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade
01/13/13: The Strange Life of the Four-Hymn-Sandwich
01/06/13: Let Us Not Go Back the Way We Came - A mediation on class war and the Magi
12/30/12: A Cry Is Heard in Ramah
12/23/12: But What of Us Catholics...?
12/16/12: The Rise of the Entrepreneur
12/09/12: The Return of the Devourer
12/02/12: Old Mass, New Mass
11/25/12: Recant, Repent, Return
11/18/12: 2012: An Election Post-Mortem
11/11/12: A Costly Embrace
11/04/12: Heaven: Probably Not Your Next Stop
10/28/12: Hissing Sounds Only
10/21/12: Horror at the Blue House
10/14/12: Thanksgiving Terror
10/07/12: "Arbeit Macht Frei"
09/30/12: An Angel Story
09/23/12: Nature Never Forgives
09/16/12: Beyond the Usual Suspects
09/09/12: Solving for X
09/02/12: A Reason to Wail and Gnash Our Teeth
08/26/12: Not a Particularly WWJD Moment
08/19/12: The Crude Facts about Guam's Crude Divorce Rate
08/12/12: Catholic Chickens
08/05/12: No Guns Needed
07/29/12: Happy NFP Awareness Week
07/22/12: Countdown to C-Day
07/15/12: Why Is Jerry Sandusky in Jail?
07/08/12: High Noon for the USCCB
07/01/12: Rumble in Rio
06/24/12: Eulogy for Michael
06/17/12: A Sin of Scandal
06/10/12: Incorrutibiter Genuit
06/03/12: Engaging the Challenge to the Perpetual Virginity of Mary
05/27/12: Why Is It So Difficult to Discuss Marriage?
05/20/12: The Quiet Revolution
05/13/12: The Attack on Mary
05/06/12: Why Do I Have to Go To Confession?
04/15/12: Why Do I Have to Go To Mass?
04/08/12: Y I am Catholic - Part 6: DO THIS
04/01/12: Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The problem with the religious freedom argument
03/25/12: The Recall of the YouCat
03/17/12: The Real Losers
03/11/12: Y I am Catholic - Part 5: The case for the authenticity of the Gospels
03/04/12: Y I am Catholic - Part 4: The evidence for Christ
02/25/12: Thus Spake Karl Marx
02/19/12: The Hyannisport Prescription
02/12/12: TO HELL WITH YOU!
02/05/12: Y I am Catholic - Part 3
01/29/12: Dolan, Chamberlain & Churchill
01/22/12: Y I am Catholic - Part 2
01/15/12: Y I am Catholic - Part 1
01/08/12: Jesus Gets a Visit from the 1%
01/01/12: Random Thoughts on the Eve of 2012
12/25/11: Fleeing the New Herods
12/17/11: Happy Holidays
12/11/11: Quetzalcoatl the Devourer
12/04/11: Obama's Catholic Strategy: Brilliant!
11/27/11: The New Missal and the Battle for the Language of the Liturgy
11/20/11: As the Church Goes, So Goes the World
11/13/11: Purgatory: "Where is that in the Bible?"
11/06/11: The Philippines: The Last Battle. Will Satan Smile?
10/30/11: Please Pray for the Repose of the Soul of...
10/23/11: Halloween: Holiday or Helliday
10/16/11: Steve Jobs: World's Greatest Philanthropist
10/09/11: Today's Battle of Lepanto
10/02/11: A Call to Action by Our Nation's Bishops
09/25/11: Mary and the Moslems
09/18/11: The Long War
09/11/11: The USCCB vs the PPACA
0904/11:  Guam's Demographic Demise?
08/28/11: Should we make more money?
08/21/11: Dealing with some assumptions about the Assumption
08/14/11: Is it time for World Family Day?
08/07/11: Fertility is now a disease
07/31/11: Norway's Terror
07/24/11: Crazy about Caylee
07/17/11: The Wall of Separation
07/10/11: Same-sex marriage equality creates new inequalities
07/03/11: Ite Missa Est
06/19/11: Abortion on Guam: What next?
06/10/10: The Griswold Connection
06/10/10: What to do with the Sewer Baby?
05/24/10: Sewer Baby offers pro-life opportunities
10/29/00: How Henry VIII gave us RU-486

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