Thursday, March 26, 2015


Here's the short course in Catholic morality for anyone who cares: 

The direct and willful killing of an innocent person, born or unborn, is an "intrinsic evil" - meaning always and everywhere evil, no matter the circumstances. Catholics are obliged to completely accept this as a moral fact. There is no compromise and not even the pope can change this. 

In matters of the environment and economic systems and other matters that do not fall in the "intrinsic" or dogma category, while being required to give due consideration to a papal "view" and embrace the more universal aspects of an issue (such as a general concern for the environment and care for the poor), Catholics are NOT obliged to conform to what the pope thinks on these things. 

So whereas the pro-abortion democrats placed themselves outside the church whenever they publicly or privately supported abortion, climate-change rejecting Republicans are in no danger of doing the same and are free to oppose the pope on the matter.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life on the Rock - 2015.3. 20 - Tom Dunn & Mia Rohr

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


In today's PDN, Dianne Iglesias once again gives Catholics an opportunity to learn what their Church really teaches and not what people like Dianne Iglesias says it does.

For Catholic teaching on relics and sacramentals, see: Catechism of the Catholic Church beginning at paragraph 1667.

For Catholic teaching on graven images, see Catechism of the Catholic Church beginning at paragraph 2129.

Then teach your children and your grandchildren.
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