Thursday, July 19, 2018


I have, for quite awhile, used Facebook (as many have) as a sort of "blog," and rather neglected this one, this blog, which is the forum I once used, and frequently, to post personal musing...and sometimes more than musings.

But FB is not a place to post things you want to keep. So I've decided to repost certain FB musings here, even if they are not in keeping with the original theme of this blog, which was, originally, to comment on Church "stuff."

So here's one:

"No. No. NOTHING. Nothing will ever convince me that the the whole host of heavenly angels, despite the every present demons in rock and roll, did not whisper this song to Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and despite their own demons, still heard....and showed us, quite unbeknownst probably even to them, the "stairway to heaven"...which we all must find...or be lost. And for that, and even that alone, I pray for their salvation...and ours."

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